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evergreen light

Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin

Sometimes I think of a few words to describe what I see. Today I look at the yard from my study window, and “evergreen light” is what I see. Some wind in the branches and blue sky. Then I may try a few poems.

December sunrise
evergreens in wind
and light

December garden
evergreen light
wind and blue sky

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Photos, Memories, New Poems

Poems From Psalms And Nature

photos of sunflowers
the field on the way home
from my mother’s home
years and years ago
gave me strength

I will love thee, O LORD, my strength.

Psalm 18: 1

My poem is from a new sequence atPoems From Oostburg, Wisconsin:
August days go by.

Another idea is a haiku or two – perhaps writing prompts for a poetry lesson. With a general beginning, writers can add their own images and reflections. I was viewing photos at the free photo library.

photos of sunflowers
field on the way home
from my mother’s home

photos of flowers
gardens and fields
on my way home

Photo by David Dibert on

Photo by Umberto Cancedda on

Photo by Inna Heasley on

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