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Kindness and Mercy

Daily writing prompt
What is the legacy you want to leave behind?

books on the shelf
supported by each other
kindness of friends

M ay
E veryone who can
R emember and
C onsider
Y our children in need


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Photo by Chris F on Pexels.com
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Daily writing prompt for May 23, 2023

Daily writing prompt
How do you feel about cold weather?

Our winters are long, here by Lake Michigan in Wisconsin – the Midwest, USA. Each season is beautiful.

W onderful time of
I nspiration and
N ew books
T o
E njoy
R eading

WINTER acrostic poem

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Daily writing prompt for May 17, 2023

Daily writing prompt
List your top 5 favorite fruits.

These are short poems with fruits, from my blogs, along with a verse from The Psalms.

last Sunday in June
knitting with yarn
the color of blueberries

on tiny vase
from a thrift store
God’s special gift
for me today

clouds and yet
enough light
to fill a jam jar
with the last
of the carnations

blueberries on sale
from Canada now

Keep me as the apple of the eye,
hide me under the shadow of thy wings

Psalm 17: 8

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Daily writing prompt for May 10, 2023

Daily writing prompt
What do you do to be involved in the community?

Small ways now – with blogs, and sharing my poems.

We donated many copies of Quiet Christmas Poetry. The poems can be read for free at the site.

Psalms to pray
and poems to read
sun on seawalls

Ellen Grace Olinger – October 2021
Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin

Dawn Returns
The Haiku Society of America
2022 Members’ Anthology
John J. Han, Editor
Haiku Society of America, New York

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