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Seasons At Home

Write about your dream home.

Daily writing prompt

We have always lived in the Midwest, USA. The seasons inspire poems. I am grateful for our old home, and gardens with perennial plants and flowers.

drawing a picture with a poem sunrise

warmth on a cold day
sweaters and blankets
from thrift stores

kitchen window
perennials grow
near the old trees

flowers grow well
in the gardens
hope for butterflies

warm soup
with fresh vegetables
autumn colors

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Daily Prompt: January 25, 2023

List five things you do for fun.

Daily Prompt

I read and view blogs – poetry, prose, and other art. Print books and poetry journals as well. And I cook simple meals and watch the seasons from the kitchen window. I create new posts and write new poems. Music – many things add beauty to my days. Thank you.

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Photo by Jessica Lewis Creative on
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Reflection and Revision

What could you do differently?

Daily Prompt

I have taught writing and read many books about creativity and writing. There is encouragement to try, practice your craft, grow, make changes as needed.

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Photo by Skyler Ewing on