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Yes, I remember

Daily writing prompt
Do you remember life before the internet?

Yes, I remember. I am grateful for blogs, and enjoy reading and writing here. I also am reading library books, and books and poetry journals from my home library. I buy both new and used books.

We began Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin in December 2009. One of my goals was to reprint some of my poems, and say thank you to the editors and publishers. Perhaps a few new readers discovered their work as well.

Poems For Bulletin Boards began in April 2013. And now it is May 2023!

small crowd
waits for doors to open
the library

new day begins
ribbon bookmarks
from beloved books
rest on the wood shelf

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Daily writing prompt – May 27, 2023

Daily writing prompt
Who would you like to talk to soon?

We enjoy our conversations every day.

home from mailing
poetry notes
monarch butterfly
greets me
at the back door

prayers that live
in my heart
The Psalms

rereading poems
new layers of meaning
every year
all the colors
of any given day

one post at a time
with hope and beauty
new work grows

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